How It All Began

I was a natural born photographer. I enjoyed the challenge of catching the perfect shot from an early age. I could always be seen carrying a camera, capturing the moments of the events I attended and the scenery of the places I visited. As I became an adult, my passion for photography has only grown. Recently, my focus centered on what lay ahead: the next shoot, the next client, the next opportunity. One day a few years back, I was at a table wondering about all the wonderful photos that sat on my hard drive. Just then, my drink was delivered on a coaster and the big idea hit me. What if I printed my photographs on products? Fast forward to today. After years of tireless development, determination, and sleepless nights thinking, I proudly present My Mosaic.

Thank you to all of those who have supported my vision. You are the ones who matter most.

With gratitude,

Alex Siegel, Founder

Why We're Here


We believe that life is a mosaic of moments. The precious memories that we cherish all our lives. Sometimes a scent, a song, or a photo can trigger that memory and make us smile.

We also know that sharing is what brings us together. Our boutique quality products allow you to share your most precious memories with the people that matter the most.

MyMosaic custom photo coaster set

Our Quality

When we began our trade, we focused on creating the highest quality products possible. We truly believe in our proprietary process that took years to develop. We combine the highest quality materials with an industry standard setting process to bring you treasures that will last a lifetime.

Proudly printed in Santa Barbara, CA

How It Works


We begin with flawless, laser cut glass.

We use a three layer ink printing process that adheres directly to the product. (We do not use stickers or inserts).

We finish the product with a scratch-proof layer of enamel.

Next, we add rubber feet to prevent surface scratches and slipping.

Finally, we wrap it all up in a bow and ship it to your door. (Usually ready to ship within 72 hours.)

unique custom photo gifts best practices MyMosaic


Some Do’s and Don’ts

As with most photo printed products, the better the photo the better the print. Photos from smart phones work well, just be sure they are crisp and well-lit. Your photos will be cropped to a square. It helps when taking a photo with your phone to set the crop beforehand so you know what it will look like.

For our acrylic trays - we recommend using iPhones X or newer (or equivalent). The crop ratio is the same as a standard 8x10 photo.

If you are familiar with image processing, submit a photo sized to the dimensions of your desired tray, with 300dpi or greater.

We Don't Stop - Until it's Perfect

Our core value has been quality since we began. We want you to be happy with your purchases. When you purchase a MyMosaic product, we guarantee your happiness or your money back.