• What We Do

    We Go For the WOW Factor

  • MyMosaic creates private-label luxury merchandise and gifts for the hospitality industry and beyond, by permanently adhering images to a thoughtful selection of glass and acrylic items.

    Our products are proven to be successful retail merchandise, amenities, and in-room décor, designed for the luxury hospitality industry and upscale corporate sector.

    We designed our products to be the eye-catching, pause-for-a-moment, cherish forever gift that will adorn the homes of your guests and clients forever.

  • Who We Are

    MyMosaic lives and breathes quality

  • We believe exceptional things can be produced only if the utmost attention to detail is paid. That is the backbone of our brand, and what we abide by in our craft every day.

    Every product is proudly printed in Santa Barbara, California, and is meticulously inspected from start to finish. It’s simple – if we don’t love it, we don’t ship it.

  • Value To You

    We add value to your brand

  • As any business owner understands, it is how you make your customers feel that drives the success of your company. We
    provide you an opportunity to make your customers feel as they should – loved.

    Say goodbye to the days of expensive champaign that gets forgotten.

    With unlimited potential for branding and personalization,
    our products are intended to give your guests and clients the WOW factor you aspire for, all while living forever on display in their homes.